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Family Medicine

Preventative Health Care

These visits offer time to address your health concerns, check in on your overall well-being and perform recommended, age-based examinations, screenings, testing and vaccinations. Depending on your age, we will talk about lifestyle choices, managing risky behaviors and address your most personal concerns around mental health and aging gracefully. You will generally see your primary provider at these visits.

Acute Care

No matter how well we care for ourselves, illness and injury occur. Sometimes the problem is obvious, like the flu, an abscess, a broken bone or a laceration, and sometimes we just don't feel like ourselves but aren't sure what is wrong. As your medical home, we are here for you in a way that stand-alone urgent care centers cannot be. We offer same day provider visits and our in-house lab and radiology facilitate rapid evaluation and diagnosis so you leave with information and a treatment plan. Walk-in nurse services for established patients include vaccinations, blood pressure and weight checks, PPD placement and suture removal.

Chronic Care

Some things in life stick with us for a while. This includes chronic conditions that are managed until they resolve, come and go with the seasons, or sometimes remain with us for a lifetime. We know that having an ongoing health concern can affect more than physical or mental health and value our role caring for patients as whole individuals rather than through the lens of their disease. Some chronic illnesses we manage on our own and others we collaborate with local specialists such as cardiologists, psychiatrists and oncologists. A few examples of chronic conditions are asthma, heart disease, diabetes, IBD, psoriasis, hormone disorders, malignancy, mood disorders, and allergies.

Women's Health

Did you know that the top three women's health threats are heart disease, cancer and stroke? Surprising, isn't it? Women's health at MPFC addresses these issues and other common concerns such as breast and pelvic health, menstrual cycle issues, contraception, treatment of abnormal pap screening, osteoporosis, sexual and reproductive concerns, and more.When we need to consult others, we are well-connected with women's health care specialists in the community.

Men's Health

All those things you might not be comfortable talking about? We are here to discuss them confidentially so you get the information you want and treatment if needed. Plus, we will address the usual topics around health risks for men, such as heart disease, cancer and unintentional injury.