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Coronavirus Vaccination

COVID-19 vaccine for ESTABLISHED Medical Park patients...

Alaska State COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline

  • Beginning April, 2021 MPFC will carry the single-dose Johnson and Johnson COVID -19 vaccination.
  • MPFC COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available to eligible, established MPFC patients ages 18+ by appointment only. 
  • MPFC receives a small number of doses for our very large patient population. We maintain a short waitlist of eligible patients in case we have no-shows or extra vaccine on a given day. However, there are many more vaccine appointments available, including those for patients ages 16 and 17 who require the Pfizer vaccine, through the State site, or by calling the State COVID-19 Vaccine Hotline at  907-646-3322.
  • We encourage our patients  to be vaccinated at any available site as soon as possible with any available vaccine.
  • There will be no out of pocket cost to patients for the vaccine. Your insurance will be billed for any associated vaccine administration fee.

The following are links to trusted local and national resources regarding COVID vaccines.