Sick Visits and Chronic Condition Management

Sick or Injured

Is Your Child Sick or Injured?

Having a sick child can be stressful! We offer same-day visits for acute illness, including injury assessment, and telemedicine visits when appropriate. Our full on-site laboratory, x-ray and rapid testing for coronavirus, strep throat and other illnesses means fast and reliable results.

Kids are natural explorers! Sometimes this results in cuts, breaks, infections and things where they don't belong. We can suture, cast, staple, and glue as needed and are skilled in removing little things from noses, ears and anywhere else they get stuck. We also freeze warts and drain abscesses.

A 24-hour pediatric triage nurse, accesseed through our main number (279-8486), will share home-care suggestions when appropriate and help determine if and how soon your child needs to be seen by a professional. Wondering about your child's symptoms? Check out the pediatric symptom checker created by the experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Is Your Child Sick

Chronic Conditions

Care for Chronic Pediatric Conditions

Experts in caring for children, we especially value partnering with families in caring for kids with chronic health and developmental conditions.

Worried about developmental delay? Struggling to manage asthma? Wondering about ADHD? Our providers and staff help with evaluation, managment, specialty referrals and the ongoing needs of children with longer term medical, developmental or emotional concerns.These include asthma, autism, genetic differences, congenital heart disease, allergies, ADHD, arthritis and diabetes, to name a few. The icons below are links to some reliable resources on child health issues.

           healthychildren org

Lab and Imaging

Lab and Imaging

Our in-house lab and radiology services ensure accurate and timely results for all screening, diagnostic and treatment-related laboratory tests and imaging thus avoiding the need to travel to a separate facility..

Spirometry is available for children 5 and up.

Our sleep specialist provides home sleep studies for older children.

After HOurs

After Hours

Medical Park is open 7:30 to 6 PM Monday through Friday and Saturday 9-2 on a walk-in basis. When the clinic is not open, you have three options for medical advice.

  • Non-urgent concerns: please call 279-8486 and leave a message for our pediatric nurse to call you back when our office opens.
  • Wondering if you need to seek medical care immediately? A pediatric triage nurse is available through our main number (279-8486) when the office is closed. They will help share home-care options and determine if and how soon your child should be seen by a professional.
  • Advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics parent site is always available by visiting  and the symptom checker for advice on common concerns on all sorts of issues.
Walk-in Services

Walk-In Services

MPFC Pediatrics offers walk-in immunizations, suture removal, laboratory testing, x-ray and weight checks.