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Medical Park Family Care

New Patients

Newborns and New Patients

New Patients

We welcome new pediatric patients to our practice!

Whether your child is a new born, teenager or any age in between, our providers are happy to care for and help parents and guardians care for them.  Call us to schedule your first appointment.

For infants (0-4yrs), consider printing out and complete the our infant medical intake form before coming for your first appointment, please find it here.

If you are transferring care from another practice or adopting, please complete a release of information form so we may obtain prior medical records. You may print out and complete the medical history intake form here (birth to 4 years) and here (for ages 5 through 17 years) prior to your first visit.


Newborn Feeding Support

We like all infants to be happily fed!

For families that choose breasfeeding, here are some links to some online resources, or we can refer you to a lactation profession. for complex breastfeeding concerns.

Here is a link to American Academy of Pediatric breastfeeding support resources.

And here are some resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics on formula feeding.


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