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Newborns and New Patients

expectant parents

Expectant Parents

Our pediatric providers value an ongoing partnership with children and families from birth through adolescence. Family practice providers follow patients through the lifespan.

So you can get to know us before your child is born or before you plan a change in providers, we offer a complimentary, one-time, informational meeting, either in the office or via telemedicine. Take this time to become familiar with our office and determine if ours is the right practice for your family.

Here is a link to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidance on How to Choose a Pediatrician.

Newborns and New Patients

Newborns and New Patients

We welcome newborns and new patients to our practice!

Our newborns are cared for by pediatric newborn specialists while in hospital at both Alaska Regional Hospital and Providence Alaska Medical Center and by their midwives if born at a birth center. Inform the hospital or midwife that Medical Park will be your child's primary care provider. They will communicate details of the birth and newborn course with us and let you know when to follow up in our office for further care, usually within the first few days of your baby's birth. If you would like to print out and complete the newborn medical intake form before coming for your first appointment, please find it here.

If you are transferring care from another practice or adopting, please complete a release of information form so we may obtain prior medical records. You may print out and complete the medical history intake form here (birth to 4 years) and here (for ages 5 through 17 years) prior to your first visit.


Newborn Feeding Support

We like all infants to be happily fed!

For families that choose breasfeeding, we support mothers from birth through weaning. We are well-connected with the lactation professionals at the Women’s Boutique at Providence Hospital for complex breastfeeding concerns.

Here is a link to American Academy of Pediatric breastfeeding support resources.

And here are some resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics on formula feeding.


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