Medical Park News

Covid Test Supply Shortages

As COVID surges throughout the country and Anchorage, we are beginning to experience a shortage in available covid testing supplies. As such and in order to reserve supplies for clinical purpuses, beginning Monday, August 23rd we will no longer offer covid testing for travel purposes. Please visit or to find an alternative testing site for travel purposes.

Help us all stay healthy!

If you have a pending COVID test result from a lab other than the MPFC lab (Walgreens, the library, etc), please do not come into our office until you know whether you are COVID positive or negative. If you need to be seen, please schedule a telemedicine visit instead. Thank you.

CDC COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Update

With the prevalence of the more infectious delta variant of COVID-19 the CDC has updated testing guidance. Fully vaccinated people who have exposure to someone with known or suspected COVID-19 should wear a mask in public and be tested 3-5 days after exposure. Unvaccinated people should continue to quarantine following an exposure and be tested at 7-10 days. While our COVID testing trailer is gone from the parking lot, we still offer drive-up testing in the designated parking spots as well as testing by our triage nurse during business hours. Please call 279-8486 to schedule a day for your testing. Show up any time on your scheduled day for the test and expect results within a few hours.

Bye, Bye COVID Testing Trailer!

Our parking lot ATCO trailer has served us well during the pandemic and provided our COVID nurses a warm place to work over winter. We are now ready for these nurses to come back inside with us as demand for drive up services decreases. Don't worry, though...if you need a drive up COVID test or vaccine we will still have designated parking spots and a nurse dedicated to popping outside and testing or vaccinating our patients in their cars. Just call or text the number as usual and we will come out to help you. 

Pfizer COVID Vaccine for MPFC Patients 12+!

Great News! The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now approved for use in patients ages 12 and up and available at Medical Park. Vaccinating your kids allows them to safely return to socializing, sports, music, volunteering and all the thinks kids do best. They won't have to quarantine after exposure to someone with COVID disease and they will avoid the risk of long-term effects of COVID disease. Call today to schedule your teen for their COVID vaccine!