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Welcome to Medical Park Family Care

We are a growing Family Medical Clinic with an opening for an Occupational Health Technician who has a good attitude, a strong work ethic and wants to become part of a team environment. Does this sound like you? Well if it does then please fill out our application and send a resume.  Or you can fax your resume to 257-8185.  RESUME'S WITHOUT APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR AN INTERVIEW.

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Responsible for performing clinical services as requested by physicians and nurses, and as specified by company/client agreements.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Reports to Occupational Health Services Director/Supervisor



1.Perform the following testing for occupational health and private patients as authorized and ordered by physicians:

Urine for Dipstick                Saliva, hair and urine drug collections

ECGs                                    Audiograms

Pulmonary Function Tests    Physical performance tests

Exercise Stress Tests           Respiratory fit tests

Immunization/injections       Blood draws

Vision testing                       Holter Monitor/BP Monitor

H. Pylori                              Nerve Conduction Studies

2.Inform physicians, nurses, radiology, laboratory or outside coordinated medical services of special requirements or protocols for examinations or testing.

3.Respond to patient concerns, questions from patients and staff, and resolve or assist in resolving problems as needed.

4.Compile results and complete regulatory forms and physical exam packets, ensure physician approval/signature and mail or electronically transmit documentation as specified.

5.Verbally communicate results with patients and employers as indicated.

6.Update company and patient databases as necessary.

7.Maintain calibration, supplies, and service requirements for medical equipment.

8.Maintain certifications as required (CAOHC, BLS, NIOSH Pulmonary Function Testing).

9.Clean and restock rooms daily.

10.Assure completion of all required documentation and return all chart and/or copies to OH front desk for dissemination and routing to medical records daily or as soon as work is completed. All medical records will be stored in designated locking file cabinet for retrieval and completion by OH techs on a daily basis.

11.Schedule appointments, check-in/out of OH appropriately, route patient for completion of all required testing, and prepare all necessary forms/documents/paperwork required for each patient visit, from initial encounter through doctor’s visit and completion of all records and chart ready for return to medical records.

12.Assist with creating and maintaining occupational health electronic and hard files, documents and spreadsheets that assist in improving and maintaining the departmental operations.

13.Adherence to all personnel policies and procedures in place at Medical Park Family Care, Inc.

14.Attend meetings/customer service trainings as required

15.Other duties as assigned.

EDUCATION: CMA, Occupational Health Certifications.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum 2 years of medical assistant or EMT experience or equivalent.



  1. Knowledge of clinic policies and procedures.
  2. Knowledge of testing equipment, i.e., EKG, pulmonary function, audiometer, vision.
  3. Knowledge of bio-hazard materials, blood borne pathogens and hepatitis vaccination.


  1. Ability to understand and interpret policies and procedures.
  2. Ability to examine documentation for accuracy and completeness.
  3. Ability to prepare documentation in a timely manner for faxing, mailing or pickup by company representatives.
  4. Ability to communicate effectively and work with others.

PHYSICAL/MENTAL DEMANDS: Requires sitting and standing associated with a normal office environment. Manual dexterity using computer keyboard required. Lifting up to 40 pounds to assist patients and perform physical performance testing.

ENVIRONMENTAL/WORKING CONDITIONS: Normal medical office environment.

This description is intended to provide only basic guidelines for meeting job requirements. Responsibilities, knowledge, skills, abilities and working condition may change as needs evolve.

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While our clinic does not accept new Medicare patients, our established patients will not be dismissed when they become Medicare eligible and sign up for Part B.

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